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The Little Critter Shop

Country Pet sells only feeds and treats that are selected for health and longevity.

We carry food and supplements from both Oxbow and Sherwood Pet Health.  

Our selection of small animal products includes all the items necessary to enhance health and happiness.  

Many of our products will not be found in any other local stores.

  • Aspen wood shavings

  • Soft bedding

  • Pelleted Litter & Pans                

  • Cages & Exercise Pens

  • Exercise Wheels

  • Water bottles

  • Bowls in ceramic, acrylic, & stainless steel

  • Many toys, tunnels, play houses

  • Healthy treats

  • California Willow

  • Numerous bagged hay varieties 15 oz to 3#

  • Bulk Western Timothy in 5# & 25#

  • & Much More!                        

Angora Rabbit
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Guinea Pig

You will find


We have a lot of experience on how best to set up little furry friends so they are an enjoyable member of your family.

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