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Best selection and highest quality of products for parrots and smaller birds in Hunterdon County. 

Country Pet will help you with choosing suitable products for your species of bird.  By understanding their unique needs we stock products that enhance the experience of both owners and birds.  Anyone that owns a parrot knows that if they are not happy then no one else in the home will be happy! 

The Bird Shop


We carry a large stock and wide variety of bird toys from large parrots to small birds.  


Country Pet stocks all the essentials needed to care for our feathered friends; and more.

  • Treats 

  • Perches

  • Cages

  • Bowls - acrylic & stainless steel

  • Snuggles & more 


We carry ....

We also carry some favorite wild bird seeds; and freeze dried mealworms for Bluebirds.

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